Who Am I?

As I listen to the song by Mariah Carey – Hero, the words keep resonating in my head – “There’s a Hero if you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of what you are. And then a Hero comes along with the strength to carry on, and you cast your fears aside.” I firmly believe in the ethos of the song and how it holds true for every scenario, be it personal or professional coz each one of us has a hero inside.  It just might take varied degree of time to realize it.

As an individual, I built my story from scratch as a naïve, young individual who wanted wings to fly yet didn’t know which mountain to take the flight from. One thing I was clear about – discovering my passion and understanding my purpose since I always wanted to find and do things that added meaning to my life. The clarity of purpose ignited my passion to focus on things meaningful to me, and move ahead and enjoy life, both personal and professional. Eventually, I allowed my passion to seamlessly align with my purpose which became my profession – the fascinating field of Communication. 

But when this question “brief about yourself” was posed to me, it made me sit down and re-live 44 years of my existence and ask myself – Who am I?  The words started flowing as I became nostalgic about my journey as a child, from never having security of a roof over my head or a permanent family, lack of finances to pursue my academic journey to deciding to start working and fund my education and build my life. Today, all those experiences have made me the individual I am – A strong, determined and independent woman who makes and lives by her decisions and choices. This also means I have the courage and strength to voice out my thoughts and opinions, while being financially independent. At the same time, it has made me sensitive to others thereby creating a unique and individual bond with people who I have known, engaged, collaborated with, personally and professionally.

During one of my interviews I was asked – is there anything you regret, and would you like to change anything in your life? And my answer with a sparkling smile was – I am what I am because of all those experiences so there is no way I am changing anything. Zero regrets coz my rule is, everything in life– if it’s good it’s wonderful and if its bad its experience.

Published by ghostwriter

An outspoken traveller who loves to dream!

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